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The Kamote Factory
The Kamote Factory
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The promotion team only

The Kamonete Leaderboard
Reputation + Amount of KCs = Community Ranking

Update of Rankings are done weekly and monthly
Make sure you are on the Ranks.
Climb guys!
Things to consider when applying for a new club.

Number of members - 10 people atleast
Target audience
Marketing approach
Let me know when there is a request for a new group.

Thank you!
Did you know? There are 4 Badges in the community (For Now) Bronze Badge - this badge is for newbies (All things has a start) 1-2,500 KC - 1st to 3rd month - has 4 Levels Silver Badge - this... (More)
About the Kamote Currency (KC)
it's tradable - services/metrics
it's limited - only 20,000 KCs in circulation
it's not for sale - Not for sale to the community
it's not valuable than any members here
Respect is Everything