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Dlinkrouter.local | mydlink login | Dlink router login - Dlinkrouter.local

While changing the wireless security password, a user must type down 8 characters in the provided field to successfully apply the process. To protect the wireless security, you must select a security level that will provide security to the wireless... (More)

How can I setup a TP-LINK Router to work with DSL modem?

If a user is performing the update process of a Tp-link range extender through the manual method, he has to make sure that he kept the downloaded file in an extracted form. The downloaded file in an extracted form provides... (More) | | | tplinkwifi net login

Smart Connect feature is an appropriate way to boost your Wi-fi signal as this feature automatically switches to the faster frequency band in your Extender. While using the Smart Connect feature in the Tp-link Range Extender a user has to... (More)

Netgear WiFi Router troubleshooting |

It is necessary for the user to turn on the Email notification checkbox while configuring the Security Event Notification bar in a Netgear Router through the window. In the Primary Email field, a user has to mention the mail... (More)